Vitilogo treatment In Ayurveda

At Ved Ayurved with Year of research and by treating thousands of patients in different stages of diseases,we have developed a comprehensive treatment plans ,mainly treatment depend on two very important point

1 .Whether it is spreading

2. Is it stable

If it is spreading then we need to make it stable and at the same time we start working on re-pigmentation.stopping the disease to spread is very important.

Treatment is designed considering the following point

1. Age of patient

2. Sex of Patients

3. Location of patches on body

4. Past medication of patient

5. state of patches(spreading or stable

6. Family history of patient

7. colour of hair on white patch

We use Internal as well as External medicine for treating white patches

Internal medicine helps to purify the blood stop the diseases from spreading and produce healthy ground of re-pigmentation.It clear the toxins from skin cells.It help to maintain the balance among three dosa vata,pitta,kapha .It help to maintain bhrajak pitta , its main function is to maintain normal skin colour,to maintain boby temperature and utilize the substance which are applied as abyanga(cream,oil,herbal paste) over the skin.Herbal preparartion is given to correct immune deficiency.

External Medicine-External medicine help the skin for better pigmentation ,stimulate the pigment cells for re-pigmentation and to preserve the pigment which has been formed.

All these can be done by applying herbal cream/oil which has prepared at our clinic.

Life style related to Vitilogo

Tight fitting which marks on the skin like elastic must be avoided which disturbs the skin blood circulation.Scratching,itching must be avoided .plastic and rubber wear should be avoided.Plastic ornaments,Bindi or any stickers on the skin should be avoided.Avoid playing or swimmimg in sun mainly between 11 am to 3 pm.

How to observe Benefit

Size of patches start becoming small,revival of natural color of skin in the affected area,small black dot start appearing on the patches,in some cases tolerable itching starts.In case of old patches benefit is seen quite late

It is observed that in 1-2 % cases intolerable itching take palce after commencement of treatment on white patch and blister and swallong appears.In such condition patient should not get nervous,medicine of external use should be discontinued and treatment of swelling up to be taken.Clear the water of blister with the help of sterilized needle and after that apply mixture of camphor and pure cow ghee on the affected area.This will help in eradication of swelling ,blister and itching within few days.