Welcome To Vedayurved

VED AYURVED is leading multispeciality ayurvedic center in North India. It is situated in Bihar and Jharkhand state.

The clinic was established in 2016 by DR B.K Mathur and his team to treat chronical disease like vitiligo/leucoderma/White patches, Psoriasis, eczema, acne, Hyperpigmentation, piles, Male/Female sexual wellness, PCOD, Obesity, Hairfall, Kidney Stone and many more.

It is presumed that Allopath(modern system of medicine) can give quick result but it just suppresses the disease or symptom & diseases reoccurs as soon as treatment is stopped, also the treatment may have long-term side-effect if used for long period of time.

We at VED AYURVED we use pure herb which does not have any side-effect on health. We do not use any kind of chemical during the preparation of medicine. Thousands and thousand desperate patients get relief through Ayurved At Ved Ayurved.

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