What is Vitiligo

Vitiligo is a skin condition in which the pigment making cells of the skin called melanocytes are destroyed in certain areas of the body. These random skin patches spread around the body due to a skin losing pigment called melanoctyes which is destroyed in certain parts. Basically the skin leaves its natural color and lighter color spots appear to give an unattractive look to the person affected by this disease. The condition can take a long time to relapse. It can indeed increase if not properly treated. The patches of skin affected become white and have sharp margins. It also affects the hair on the skin which can become white. This disease can affect both sides of the body. It can also spread to the inside parts of the mouth, lips and nose. Also the sun can exacerbate the patches on those parts that are directly exposed to it.

Cause of vitilogo as per Ayurved texts

  • Viruddhahara(incompatible food)-(yogcurt or curd with milk,fish with milk,pickle with milk,honey with ghee/butter,milk with salt,milk with fruit containing vitamin c.
  • suppression of natural vegas(stool,urine,seman,vomiting).
  • Atibhojana(Excess food intake)
  • .Excess intake of sour,salt,sweet
  • Navana ,dadhi,matsyabhakshana(heavy intake of fresh grain,curd & fish)
  • using cold water after having hard physical work
  • vipraguru gharshana(teasing & criticising elder)
  • papakarma(sinful acts)

According to modern science vitilogo is an autoimmune disorder which is triggered by many factors such as

  1. Positive family history of disease
  2. presence of infection in body
  3. Gastric and liver related problem
  4. stressful condition
  5. copper and vitamin B12 deficiency
  6. pollution
  7. irregular life style
  8. Indiscriminate use of antibiotics

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